Sarah H.  Sarah H. asked: Do these pants have any extra reinforcement in the knees? Have they been fairly durable? I've had a lot of stretchy pants like these that rip easily due to the stretchy material. Hoping to find a good pair of durable AND stretchy pants for hiking!


Jennifer  Jennifer

So far, I’ve been bouldering in them a few times, as well as hiking, and they are super durable.
As for reinforcement.. there is no extra layer of material, if that’s what you mean.

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Emma  Emma

There’s no additional reinforcement in them, but they’ve held up through everything I’ve thrown at them. These are the only pants I wear outdoor climbing where I routinely am squeezing through rocks or they’re being rubbed against an abrasive surface. Never had them rip.

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Nikki  Nikki

The fabric is pretty thick and durable, but there isn’t an extra layer at the knee. Mine haven’t shown any thinning or abrasions, and they even stand up to cat claws pretty well. They’re not super-stretchy, but they stretch out a little as the day goes on (kind of like jeans do).

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Casey  Casey

I agree with all the other comments! I’ll add, that I have them rolled up to around the knee and buttoned 95% of the time. So that is probably helping them
NOT busy out at the knee. Also, I love them so much I wore them all summer, while working in Alaska. Plus, I recently arrived back home and I bought a 2nd pair of them.

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