Andy H.  Andy H. asked: I recently received this as a birthday gift, but after reading a lot of less than stellar reviews, I'm thinking about exchanging it for a different water filter. Have you had any negative experiences with this one? If so, what would you recommend instead? And if not, how long have you had this one and how many times have you used it? Thanks!


Justin  Justin

Hey there, it is great to fill anything up till about 2 liters. I love using it as it is small, light, and you can use as a straw.

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Sara  Sara

It's not great for group use, but I love it for long trail runs and day hikes so I don't have to carry as much water with me.

If you usually do larger quantities of water at a time or go on longer trips with friends, the Platypus gravity works is a favorite. Really quick and low effort.

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