Tim C.  Tim C. asked: Hey all! I'm currently trying to decide between the Pocket Rocket and the Jetboil flash system. What made you choose this one over the jetboil? Have you tried both and found one to be better than the other? Is the pocket rocket better suited for a particular type of trip? Thanks so much!!


Ben  Ben

I could go on and on why I love this little stove so much, but the simple, one word answer is; versatility! I can use it with multi-person car camping groups or solo backpacking. It can handle larger pots and pans within reason (read that as skip cast iron skillets) as well as ultralight one person kits. Simple a great choice.

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Amanda  Amanda

My husband bought the pocket rocket while he worked at a sporting goods store several years ago and we absolutely love it. Super compact, easy and fast to use. We love to use it for hiking, four-wheeling, exploring, etc.

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Lindsay  Lindsay

I have used both the jet boil and the pocket rocket stove. Most trips I prefer the pocket rocket. I have different cookware sizes and I can use the stove with my small individual pot or a larger pot without needing to change up the whole system. Also the heat can be adjusted to simmer and cook food rather than just to boil water. If your primary objective is melting snow and boiling water for dehydrated meals and you anticipate using about the same volume each trip then the jetboil might be a better option for you.

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Shannon  Shannon

I haven’t tried the jet boil... I chose this stove because it also came with a mess kit and pot... and a friend of mine had the same mess kit/stove and it worked very nicely

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Rima  Rima

Hey Tim!
The reasons I chose the Jetboil over the MSR pocket rocket is because I felt It was faster and easier to use. It comes with a container that attaches to the unit. But you can also use It without that cylindrical pot connected and have a bigger pot sit on It.
It also comes in an insulated sleeve so It makes pouring the water quick and easy without burning yourself. There’s a heat changing flame on the side which indicates when the water is boiling.
I haven’t used the msr pocket rocket since I got the jetboil!

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Rachael  Rachael

I love my pocket rocket. I used it on my AT thru hike in 2018 and it never failed me the entire 2,190.9 miles. I knew people on trail with their giant Jet Boils and they loved them but I just thought they were so incredibly bulky and heavy for what you were getting. Yes, the jet boil might boil water a little faster but for the bulk and weight... I just don't think it's worth it. The pocket rocket is everything you need for a stove. I see on jet boil's website they have a mightymo that is pretty close in weight to the pocket rocket so maybe check into that one for backpacking? I've only seen the originals. I would say pocket rocket for backpacking - jet boil for car camping. Hope this helps! :-)

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Amy  Amy

Hi Tim!
I chose the Pocket Rocket off of my friends' feedback. They all suggested this as a great stove - for backpacking and camping. I ended up getting the small kit with it as well, as I ended up getting a great deal at REI. I like this because it literally packs into itself and doesn't take up a lot of room in your pack/bag/car. While I haven't used it backpacking yet (every trip has been disastrous and we had to bail - don't ask), I have brought this on solo camping trips and have made pizza, grilled cheese, and eggs (just need to watch the heat levels). If you don't get the kit, and just get the stove, it fits in the palm of your hand, for size reference. I absolutely love it, but I also know people love their Jetboils too. If you have any other questions, let me know!

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