John H.  John H. asked: Hi everyone! I'm really curious about this tent. I live in the PNW where it rains a lot and I need something that stays dry. I also really like rain flies with bigger vestibules to keep gear dry. Have you had experience using it in the rain? Thanks so much!


Rachael  Rachael

Hey there John! I've had a lot of experience using it in the rain on my thru-hike of the AT in 2018. It faired pretty well although I did experience some leaking which I fixed by seam sealing the tent with seam seal tape I got while on trail at Walmart and also re-waterproofed it with waterproofing silicone spray. After I did that I had no more issues with leaks. I had no issues with it ripping or anything during any tough storms. I would definitely recommend this tent for you, although perhaps doing a little after-care to ensure it keeps you dry. :-) Hope this helps! - Rachael - AKA Blade

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