Blair Z.  Blair Z. asked: Is this a good breathable jacket? I've read some reviews that said it trapped a lot of heat in and people ended up a sweaty mess! Hoping to find a good midlayer for fall/winter hikes that will still be breathable


Reid  Reid

This Jacket has breathable side panels but the body and arms have a weather resistant facebfabric.
The stand out of the Atom lt is it's compressibility.
The Proton LT sounds like the jacket nyoure looking for. It's breathable, warm and tougher face fabric.

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Nathan  Nathan

I’m coming from a person who doesn’t swear a bunch, but In my opinion it is fairly breathable. It depends on the temps you’re looking at and the level of output. For high output in moderate temps (40’s-50’s) you may get a little warm. But colder than that I feel it would be okay. Lower output in those temps I think would be okay. The nice thing about the Atom LT is on the side of the jacket from the pits down to the bottom is just mesh and isn’t insulated, and is meant to be breathable. Hope this helps, let me know any other questions!

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Amanda  Amanda

I’ve noticed some sweating when I’m hiking and the temperature hits above 50ish degrees. It does have breathable side panels, but my back doesn’t seem to feel much of a breeze. That being said, this jacket works really well for hiking in temperatures below the 50 mark.

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