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The Yeti Coolers Tundra 65 cooler is a heavy-duty generalist; equally adept at keeping your catches cold in the field or serving as the drink-and-food hub for a tailgate; party; or other times of general revelry. This ice chest is plenty roomy; holding 39 cans; a keeper redfish or a small quartered deer. Whatever you choose to chill; you know this top-quality cooler will keep it cold longer thanks to 2 meaty inches of insulation and our cold-keeping gasket. Dry ice compatibility allows you to keep everything chilled for as long as possible. The durable polyethylene material can stand up to repeat duty again and again; and the integrated; self-stopping hinges scoff in the face of excessive use. The handles are made from marine-grade nylon rope with textured grips for easy carrying; even fully loaded. If you're taking the Tundra 65 out on the water as a marine cooler; don't forget that it's also a great casting platform in a bay boat. And as a hunting cooler; the grizzly-proof(When used with YETI bear-proof locks ) design gives you peace of mind in bear country.


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Ice Lasts

We take this on many desert trips, Moab, San Rafael Swell, Vegas, Phoenix, etc. Ice stays icy. Easy to drain and clean. Handles on the side make it easy to carry. Makes a great seat around the camp kitchen too.

Colder then Cold

I bought this cooler because I love white water rafting and we needed something that could keep our food cold. This cooler worked perfectly.

Great cooler, keeps things cold! Price?

We use the yeti 65 cooler for our family and really have enjoyed it. It keeps things colder longer than our old Coleman for sure, but not sure if it’s better than all the other new coolers out there. My guess is that the cooling technology is the same and it really comes down to features. We like the handles in the side for two people carrying (it gets heavy when full!) and love the rubber feet when the cooler is in the back of our moving truck but don’t like them when we want to slide it out. The inside tray is handy to keep things dry and the latches to close the cooler are easy to use, although they do sometimes flip up into the opening and cause the cooler to be propped open if you just drop the top and aren’t paying attention. Overall I’d say this is a good cooler but I do think we could have gone cheaper and had a similar experience.

Cold is an Understatement

You know you’re getting a quality product when you buy anything with Yeti on it. The only thing you need to worry about is paying for the name brand, but other than that, you can’t go wrong.

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