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Vibram V Trail Runner - Men's Reviews

The brilliant 2017 Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail is being extensively tested here at Barefoot Junkie. The V-Trail is an evolution of a Barefoot Junkie favourite the Spyridon MR and a great evolution at that. We have noticed extra comfort in the ball area of the foot and fantastic feel from the Flex Grip design from ball of the foot to the toes. They give a great barefoot non restrictive feel and couple that with the lovely new padded neck area around the ankle area, the V-Trail are proving to be another great step forward in the Vibram FiveFingers range.


Don Josh

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Such a Diverse Finger Shoe

I wear these awesome shoes when I know there might be some water in the adventure. I go Cliff driving, hiking, Vacationing and light trail running with these bad boys. They have just enough grip and are easily dried. No need for the finger sock (in my own opinion) some people swear by them. Think of another pair as they are so awesome and color schemes are awesome as well!

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