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FEATURES of the The North Face Men's Cat's Meow Sleeping Bag Cyclone construction wraps a blend of continuous-filament and cut-staple insulation around the bag in efficient - compressible vertical baffles Shaped hood for more warmth and comfort Draft collar for comfort and to prevent heat loss Pad loops for attaching the bag to a sleeping pad Compression sack and storage sack included



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High level review:

I have had this sleeping bag going on 12 years. The bag is a great three season bag that has stood the test of time, conditions, and everything else that I threw at it. I bought the bag because it was on sale, but the bag now retails at $170, and for the price/quality, you cannot beat it!


How I tested: I have owned this bag for 12 years, and use it so often, I wouldn’t be able to count. It is safe to say I have slept in the bag at least 300 times, more likely it is in the 400x range, but I want to be conservative. I have slept at the ocean, at 8,000ft, in storms, in warm weather and down to 15 degrees F. One time, I slept in a massive snowstorm. I usually sleep in tents and in colder weather, I use a bag liner, so please keep that in mind.

The Bag: The bag itself is a nice mummy shape. I am 5’10” and weigh around 170lbs, and the Regular size fits me perfectly. There is still enough room to move around a bit at night (I am like goldie locks, I need a bit of wiggle room, but not too tight or loose) and to keep some items to dry out in the foot box.

The newest version of this bag weighs around 2lbs 5oz, and compresses quite nicely down to a smaller size stuff sack. I think the packability is about average for high end sleeping bags. The sleeping bag is rated down to 20 degrees, which means that it is a three season. At 20 degrees, you’ll obviously need to layer quite a bit, but I have done it numerous times, and I do think the bag is accurately rated. Those who sleep cold, might find they need to throw in a hot water bottle to help keep their feet warm.

The mummy design tapers well into the foot box, and there is a draft collar that runs the whole way down. I do get snags every now and then, but I have never used a sleeping bag that is snag free, and this is not worse than any others. The zipper can zip from the top or bottom, which I love because I often just unzip the feet bit and kick a leg out if I am feeling too warm but do not want all the heat to escape. There is also a handy pocket at around chest / collar bone level. I like the pocket and usually store my headphones in there or my phone.

In terms of heat retention, even my 12 year old bag is still keeping the heat in, which surprises the heck out of me. These bags are built with attention to detail and high quality parts. That means that after 12 years of abuse, my bag is still chugging along. I think the bag will keep going strong for at least another couple years. The bag has lost some of its loft over time, but it is still keeping me warm at night.

Final say: The bag is great. If you are looking for something that will last you a long time and not break the bank, I think this is the sleeping bag for you. It is light, durable, and will keep you warm at night. What else can you ask for? One final note, often people are too quick to change their sleeping bags for one reason or another. Sleeping bags can lost quite a long time with proper care, so after your trips, air out your bag and hang them up, or at least keep them in the mesh sack they come with. Bags are not meant to be compressed for long periods of time.

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