Terra Fi 5 Sport Hiking Sandals - Men's

Teva Terra Fi 5 Sport Hiking Sandals - Men's Reviews

The famous Terra Fi 5 Sport trekking sandal frees your toes, to make you feel at ease on any path. The waterproof straps are enriched with padded EVA inserts in addition to the PU midsole, to support the foot kilometer after kilometer.



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Good bones, bad fit

The Quick & Dirty: I wanted to like these sandals so badly, but at the end of the day, they just didn't fit right. Getting them on your feet was a hassle because of the self tightening straps, and once they were on, they were just incredible uncomfortable for me. I have another pair of Teva's that I prefer which are the Teva F5 Universal.

How I tested: I wore these nearly every day for over a month. I would walk anywhere from 3 to 8 miles in them per day. Mostly on streets, but also I took them on several challenging hikes. I also used them as water shoes on a couple occasions.

My size: US size 9 - these shoes are more or less true to size. I vary between a US9 and 10, so I was happy with the overall size.

The feeling: When I tried these sandals on in the store, the first thing I noticed was how secure my foot felt in them. The second thing I noticed was how hard they were to put on. The third thing I noticed was how comfortable the foot bed was and how the straps felt a bit uncomfortable but would probably break in.

Putting these sandals on was tricky from the get go, and I never did learn the trick to putting these sandals on. I continually tried to figure out how to open the straps in the right manner to slide my foot in easily. Because this strap is one piece, you have to kind of shimmy it up and down, giving one section more space at a time. Just like when trying to loosen or tighten the your shoelaces on the lowest eyes of the shoe (nearest the toes). My wife would slide her Keen's on in about 5 seconds, where I would take about a minute to put on my sandals as we were leaving for a walk. Once I started walking the straps would tighten and and shift throughout the walk, resulting in me stopping every 15 minutes or so to adjust. 

The footbed was pre-molded, so was comfy from the start. It really came down to the straps for me. Perhaps my feet are a bit too high volume (i.e., fat) for these sandals, so they kept pinching me. The worst was after about 3 weeks of wearing them, I took them on a 4hr hike with 3,000ft elevation gain, and got a couple of nasty blisters (right before I was meant to go climb the Matterhorn!!!)

Grip: I have no complaints with the grip. The sandal's sole is well designed and felt secure on steep terrain as well as on wet surfaces. Using these as water shoes was also pretty great.

Final Conclusion: I really wanted to like these sandals, but the fit wasn't there. The performance was quite solid. The soles were robust and grippy. I personally thought the design was cool, but I did get several comments on them that were the opposite of positive. I eventually had to donate these shoes to Goodwill because of the fit. I was impressed enough by the sole to go out and by a different style of Teva's, which I am currently testing out. All in all, if these fit your feet, you'll love them. If they are a bit uncomfortable when trying on, they won't "break in" and it is better to go with something else.

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