Notch 1 Person Tent

Tarptent Notch 1 Person Tent Reviews

The Notch is our lightest non-Dyneema double-wall shelter. This tent is ideal for trekking pole users who want the extra protection from condensation, without an excessive cost in weight. Simple and sturdy, the Notch gives you the security you need in a wide range of conditions. Want more space? Have a look at the Saddle 2.

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My Favorite Tent!

I’ve owned the Notch for 5 years, before the Li was an option, and it is my favorite piece of gear. It thru-hiked the AT with me and I’m confident that it could handle at least one more hike that distance or longer. I opted for the partial solid interior which I think helped keep a lot of the splashback out. I live in the humid northeast and the double wall has never failed to keep me separated from condensation. I’ve set it up on numerous tent platforms, used it in the snow, and one terrible five day stretch of solid rain. I seam sealed it myself and it has been one of my best gear investments! I have no intention of ever purchasing a backpacking tent made by anyone other than Tarptent. That’s how much I love it!

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