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Soylent Cacao Meal Replacement Powder Reviews

Ideal for smoothies, our Soylent Cacao powder gives you rich, chocolatey flavor with 20g of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals per serving.

We don’t want you to think of Soylent as an all-or-nothing proposition, a diet plan, or a trendy cleanse. Instead, think of Soylent as an antidote for the “Food Void.” A food void is any time you’re stuck without access to a good, quality meal. We’re not trying to replace the meals you love, but rather to save you from dining on a vending machine lunch or spending $10 on a limp salad. Most people find success replacing a few meals a week — often starting with breakfasts (have you tried our Cafe line?), or keeping a few bottles of Soylent on hand for when life gets busy. Some use Soylent for just about every meal, except when dining out or with friends, while others grab a bottle from the store when they’re on the go. See what works best for you!


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Perfect meal replacement powder

I love Soylent! I've tried the powder as well as the pre-made drinks, and I prefer the powder because you can A) add it to smoothies and B) control the taste based on how much you add. I've tried the Cacao and the Vanilla, and prefer the Cacao. It's a totally mild taste, isn't chalky or gross at all, and isn't overly sweet like I find the pre-made drinks to be

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