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Expanding on the ever popular X-series, Sea to Summit has now designed the X-Bowl in a 77% larger XL version. When the silicone rim is folded down, the versatile XL-Bowl can be used as a plate. Base made from high-temperature, food-grade nylon. Walls made from food-grade flexible silicone. Collapsible walls fold flat for compact packing. Silicone sides can withstand temperatures of hot foods and nearby hot surfaces up to 300°F (148.8°C). Stable cut-resistant rigid base—ideal for cutting or chopping. Sides are flexible, so pouring liquids is easy.


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Perfect do-it-all bowl for the trail

I have owned a version of this bowl for almost 10 years now, and it has accompanied me on too many trips around the world to count. I love this bowl for its simplicity. Although it is not the lightest of the bowls out there on the market, it weighs less than 4oz and can be used as a bowl, a plate, measuring cup, and a chopping board. The bowl is big enough to fit in an entire meal for a very hungry backpacker. My wife and I often just share the one bowl.

I love that the bowl is collapsable and packs flat, which has come in handy when overloading my bag. The sides of the bowl are made out of food grade silicon, which are quite durable. My original X bowl (same design, but a tad bit smaller), finally got its first tear after almost 10 years of use. I can still use the bowl for non liquid items (pasta, rice, etc). The ridges of the silicon size act as a measuring cup, which is a nifty feature, although I don’t really use it for that. The base is pretty solid and designed to be used as a cutting board, which is probably my favorite feature of the entire bowl. Prior to having this bowl, I always struggled to cut/chop on the trail.

It is dishwasher safe, so when you get home from the trail, you can just pop it in, which makes clean up way easier.

Overall, I love this bowl/plate for its multi functionality, durability, and price point ($18 MSRP). If you are looking for a light weight yet durable plate, this is a great option!

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