Titanium Spork

Sea to Summit Titanium Spork Reviews

Ultralight freaks and car campers alike enjoy the durability and feather-light construction of the Sea To Summit Titanium Spork. This versatile utensil stabs like a fork, scoops like a spoon, and thanks to rust-proof titanium weighs less than an ounce. Sounds good to us.

Product Reviews

I got one in purple and scratched it almost immediately, which bothers me. Otherwise it’s a great spork that i carry with me whether i go backpacking, car camping or traveling elsewhere.
It’s very light weight. It doesn’t seem like it would bend too easily. Sometimes i use it to lift up a flap on a can when I can’t open it with just my nails. Titanium is super durable and with then price tag of almost $10 i hope it lasts a few years.

So light! Perfect size for all kinds of meals. Don’t wash in the dishwasher however. It will strip the top coating. My favorite camping spork!

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