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Sawyer MINI Water Filter Reviews

Sawyer's lightest and most versatile personal water filtration system, the Sawyer MINI weighs just 2 ounces, fits in the palm of your hand, and provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration — removing 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli, removing 99.9999% of all protozoa (such as giardia and cryptosporidium), and removing 100% of microplastics.

Attach the easy-to-use MINI to the included drinking pouch, use the included straw to drink directly from a water source, connect it to hydration pack tubing, or screw it onto standard disposable water and soda bottles.

Rated up to 100,000 filtered gallons of water, the award-winning MINI is perfect for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted to kitting out your emergency go bag.

Product Reviews

I have these stashed everywhere!

Best $20 I’ve ever put into my backpacking experience. I’ve been using the Sawyer Squeeze Mini for over 5 years and while some will complain about the flow rate, if you keep it clean, it is not an issue. If you are in very messy water, it might be worth it to pour your water through a bandana or something but, for most of your streams backflushing is going to be enough. As with most filters, you don’t want to ever let it freeze so I do advise you throw it into your sleeping bag or something if temps are below freezing. I now have one I my car and one in my travel bag.

Great little filter!

I’ve used the mini for a few years and love how easy it is to get a quick drink from lakes or streams. I’d like it to have a better flow rate and the small holes in the bags make them a bit challenging to fill. Still think it’s great, but I just bought a Katadyne BeFree for this weekend’s trip to compare. Will review soon!

Versatile and Easy

These things are life savers. Usually use it with a SmartWater bottle for short trips, but I’ve brought it on loads of multi days. Most of the time I use the bag they give to fill my Camelbak. If you’re not that patient you can fill your bladder with “dirty” water and use the filter inline to drink out of. Been using these for a few years and they are a must have in my book.

Small but not mighty

Of the two Sawyer filters I've used this is not a winner for me. Slow feed of clean water. Doesn't work on a gravity system. The one I had seized up on me after about a year. I always cleaned and blackflushed per the instructions.

Light and compact

This is perfect for day hiking when you don’t want to carry a ton of water, but you’ll be around water sources. It works for backpacking too. I prefer the huge gravity filters for backpacking. It’s easier to filter large amounts of water for camp than with this. It can be time consuming. It is also difficult to fill the bag with stationary water sources. You can always fill your pot and pour into the bag. I did have a bag break on me while filtering. The filter can fit the lid of a water bottle or collapsible canteen. I carry a backup. Also if you go for a long stretch make sure you backflush clean water into the filter every day to prevent it from getting clogged. It’s really easy to do this and even comes with a syringe to backflush with. All in all this is a great purchase for a minimal cost. It has saved me from carrying extra water weight on several long day trips.

Works great, bad leak sealing.

Took a brand new Sawyer MINI on a trek on the Wonderland. I had it connected to a Smart Water bottle and would squeeze into a second clean bottle. This worked perfectly for over 60 miles.
As I was disconnecting the filter from the bottle, a small white ring fell from the filter and floated down the river. The filter no longer held a seal on either a bottle or squeeze bag. I ended up having to use iodine in a Giardia filled winderness.

Sawyer filter

Love this thing! Reliable and comes with me on every trip. Hasnt failed me yet and I havent gotten sick! I do not use the pouch but attach to a smart water bottle instead because the pouch is fragile. I do not filter streamwater that is heavy in silt or.mud.

I love Sawyer Products

I used this filter on my backpacking trip! It’s very easy to use! I can filter 1 little of water in under 4 minutes. I can also screw the filter onto a larger collapsible bag add water and drink it straight from the bladder on day hikes! Worth every penny! Light weight!

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