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The Ruffwear Hi & Light™ Harness is a lightweight, low-profile adventure harness. This minimalist harness has four points of adjustment for a sleek, comfortable fit down to size XXXS. It features an aluminum V-ring leash attachment point on the back, a debris-resistant liner, reflective trim for low-light visibility, and a light loop for attaching The Beacon™. Scaled to fit even the smallest canine companions, the Hi & Light Harness is a great option for any dog that enjoys exploring in a harness.



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One sturdy harness

I bought this harness for my dog because she started having neck pain. The veterinarian said, “No collars.” The quality is superb. There’s a nice cushion on the underside and backside parts of the harness. It’s comfortable as my dog will even sleep with it. It’s not constricting at all. I like that the underside and top are broad and not narrow as most harnesses are. The two spots of leash attachment is very helpful if she’s on a long leash, I use the back D-ring and if she’s on a short leash for walks, I use the front cord/plastic D-ring. If she’s really in a pulling mood, I use a leash that can attach to both rings for more control.

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