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Tracy Evan Michelle

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Best fit dog pack brand!

I have tried multiple brands over the years between my older dog and non of them worked well also he's "paralyzed" by fabric haha . He's now retired from hiking but the new dog I didn't want to go through the same ordeal and thankfully I had hear about Ruffwear several years ago so I immediately went to that brand for trying a pack for Shrimp. It fits beautifully. Well balanced with the proper packing of the saddle bags. He's still able to be agile, no rubbing problems and it makes him look even cuter! Win win in my book! It's held up well on our few trips since we've gotten it. I forsee it to last a long time.

Great pack for the puppers

I’ve had this hiking pack for my 40 lb dog for years. It’s gotten a little dirty over the years, but it’s held up to her running past rocks, bushes, and even into water. I’ve also rigged it so she can carry her own sleeping pad on the top to go backpacking. The pockets are huge and spacious. Just remember, a dog should only carry about 10% or less of their weight on their backs.

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