Omni-Block 1.5" Pulley

Rock Exotica Omni-Block 1.5" Pulley Reviews

The Rock Exotica Omni-Block 1.5 inch Pulleys are the medium sheave version of the ingenious Rock Exotica swing plate pulley system. The swing plate securely gives the operator access to the pulley without having to remove your connector. This ease of access helps to speed up setup and system transition times. Here at RRG we have used the Omni-Blocks in our RAD systems as well as many other systems for this exact reason.

The body of these pulleys are machined out of a solid block of aluminum for an impressive strength to weight ratio. The Omni-Blocks use high efficiency ball bearings and a patented design that gives your rigging system a one of a kind accessibility to a swing plate pulley and a swivel all in one. The swing plate has a push pin release button with a secondary safety catch to protect the user in case of an accidental release. This secondary catch requires a second push of the button, before the user can fully open and extend the sideplate, to access the pulley.



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Strong and Reliable

I use these quite a bit in my work. As a professional rigger this is my go to hauling pulley. The convenient opening face allows you to load rope quickly and efficiently without having to feed one side of your rope in then pull the whole length through. It is easy to use, strong, and reliable. The selections of different sizes makes it easy to find whichever you need for any job or activity. Price point is a little bit on the higher end for a usual pulley but the features and trusted quality from Rock exotica make it worth it.

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