Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

REI Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Reviews

With plush padding and a soft surface, the REI Co-op Camp Bed self-inflating sleeping pad is a comfy spot to catch some zzz's while you're off on car-camping adventures.


Vanessa Stephani John

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This sleeping pad has totally changed my mind about air mattress. We use to use air mattresses for camping but after trying this pad I’m a convert. The pad has some kind of memory foam on both sides so it’s super plush and when sleeping on your side (I’m a side sleeper) your hip doesn’t touch the ground. I used this pad while camping 7mo pregnant and I slept really well.

I can’t say enough about these pads for car camping. They’re self-inflating so no work to set up, and I honestly think they’re more comfortable than the mattress on my bed. In fact, I use it at home all the time and take it with me when I stay at friends’ houses. The only downside is the effort it takes to roll it back up tight enough to fit in its bag, but it also comes with straps so you don’t need to deal with it. Get some!

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