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The Prana Women's Halle Pant is designed to tackle just about everything and anything you throw at it. The Halle features Prana's famed and pliable Stretch Zion fabric, which stretches for unimpeded mobility, dries quickly, and is wrinkle-resistant. The Halle is equipped with a DWR treatment to fend off coffee spills and light precipitation, and a relaxed fit readies the Halle for uninhibited movements. Articulated knees help you step over boulders, fallen trees, or sidewalk obstacles with ease. Not to mention, the Halle easily converts into a capri when when you roll up the legs and secure them with the internal buttons and loops.


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Product Questions

Sarah H.  Sarah H.: Do these pants have any extra reinforcement in the knees? Have they been fairly durable? I've had a lot of stretchy pants like these that rip easily due to the stretchy material. Hoping to find a good pair of durable AND stretchy pants for hiking!
Jennifer D.  Jennifer D.: So far, I’ve been bouldering in them a few times, as well as hiking, and they are super durable.
As for reinforcement.. there is no extra layer of material, if that’s what you mean.
Emma K.  Emma K.: There’s no additional reinforcement in them, but they’ve held up through everything I’ve thrown at them. These are the only pants I wear outdoor climbing where I routinely am squeezing through rocks or they’re being rubbed against an abrasive surface. Never had them rip.
Nikki B.  Nikki B.: The fabric is pretty thick and durable, but there isn’t an extra layer at the knee. Mine haven’t shown any thinning or abrasions, and they even stand up to cat claws pretty well. They’re not super-stretchy, but they stretch out a little as the day goes on (kind of like jeans do).
Casey J.  Casey J.: I agree with all the other comments! I’ll add, that I have them rolled up to around the knee and buttoned 95% of the time. So that is probably helping them
NOT busy out at the knee. Also, I love them so much I wore them all summer, while working in Alaska. Plus, I recently arrived back home and I bought a 2nd pair of them.
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Blair Z.  Blair Z.: Are these pants thick enough to wear on their own for colder weather hikes? Or would you suggest layering? Also, are they waterproof?? Thanks!
AJ C.  AJ C.: I definitely suggest layering with leggings if there is snow on the snow/if it’s snowing, but I wear them late into fall in the Rocky Mountain area and they are great! I like that they can turn into capris if I do get a little hot on warmer hikes.
Jennifer D.  Jennifer D.: I prefer them for colder weather hikes, as the material is thick and gets me too hot in the summer tbh. As with any non winter/snow type pant, if wearing in those condition- def use a base layer as well! Again. Not waterproof.. but water rolls/beads off the material foreverrr before soaking through!
Nikki B.  Nikki B.: I wear them hiking in the PNW winter without layers, but if you’re talking sub-freezing temps you might want a light baselayer underneath. They aren’t waterproof, but they shed a light drizzle pretty well!
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Product Reviews

prAna Halle Pant

I’m always on the go, but I hate wearing denim. These pants are soft, comfortable, and they do it all, from running errands to hiking to traveling. They come in short, regular, and long. I’m 5’ 11” and own the long length. They even roll up to capri length for warmer hikes or getting my feet wet at the lake. You can pick from a variety of colors - I recommend buying one of each. These pants are my go-to for everything!

Awesome comfy pant

The stretchy material in these pants are perfect for hiking, scrambling over rocks and climbing them! And bonus: their standard length is.. 32”!! How amazing is that for us tall people!

Best Everyday Pants

I live in these pants. I hike, camp, get groceries, go to the brewery...basically do everything in these pants. I have them in 3 colors and I need more! They stretch, so order a size down. They come in short, regular, and tall inseams. I’m a 32” inseam and the regular length is perfect!

These are my go to hiking, climbing, work, and casual pants! The Stretch Zion material is durable enough to put up with sharp rock face and the wear of many miles on the trail, but they breath and stretch with you. The water resistant coating is a nice touch for misty days, but doesn’t replace rain pants for down pours; it does, however, keep the pants relatively stain free. These have become the only pants I own and wear because of how comfortable and durable they are.

Good 'spensive pants

These are great pants but they are expensive. I loved them to bits and I am about to retire my first pair after 3 years. They do run large and are pretty stretchy. I have tried other prana pants and the Patagonia venga rock pants, but they did not hold up as well as these. I finally wore out the butt of these during a scrambling session and am definitely going to buy another pair.

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