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The SURFR 157 is our all-mountain board built for riders looking for a high performance directional freeride shape and a friendly flex. It is the basic version of our bamboo packed Morris 157 Signature Shape.

The SURFR 157 is stable, confidence inspiring, yet soft enough to be playful in any terrain. It is short and has an incredible float. Our setback camber combined with a progressive sidecut makes it a very versatile board for everyone who wants to explore new terrain or draw smooth carves in powder or hard-pack groomers. The SURFR 157 is perfect for playful turns and fast treeruns, while the stiffer tail will give you plenty of hold on steeper lines and slashing carves.

The 157 features our SURFR core with 8 Bamboo stringers from tip to tail for energetic edge and an ECO-plastic topsheet for added ECO-performance..



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Powfinder SURFR - a sneaky multi purpose powder board

Why do I love this board? First, the board is a small production snowboard, designed after 5 years of testing in the European Alps. The owner is seen on the weekends testing his board, with a team of dedicated boarders, working to make micro adjustments to improve the board quality and abilities. He has a strong concern for the environment and has taken a lot of steps to ensure this makes it to his boards.Second, the board will rock your socks off, if you can handle it.

Product: Powfinder's SURDR Snowboard (157 cm)

What is it made for: the product is specifically designed for deep powder days

Testing Process: I rode the board 37 times this winter in Switzerland, France, Austria, and Japan. I rode the board on 3ft of new powder down to a 2inches new snow. I also rode the groomers and one day on hard pack. I am not easy on my gear, so it has taken a beating :)

I rode the board with Bent Metal Solutions (size M), although I would have been much better off with a less stiff binding. I would even suggest riding the deeper powder with the highbacks taken off (was fun the few times I tried this year).

Hight Level Thoughts: Despite being designed for the Pow, I found the SURFR to be a functional board for intermediate to advanced boarders in every condition.

Detailed review:

Board design: a thoughtful swallow tail with enough V-cut to be able to dig into a turn and load with power makes it a perfect tool for tree skiing as well as playful cut backs in a more surf style. With a huge nose, there was no issues in getting the board to float, coupled with a very back set camber, this board put no additional strain on your back foot, keeping you on the hill and out of the resort.

Flex: Stiff in the middle, allowing for powerful transfers into the turns. A floppy/softish nose keeps your tip from being buried, but does cause a lot of chatter at higher speeds on hard ground. There are 8 bamboo runners in this board nose to tail, adding to a uniform flex transition.

Durability: After almost 40 times out, the top sheet developed a few nicks and scratches, mainly from the tree riding in Japan. The top sheet does seem solid, but you could loose pieces of it, as it seems to peel a bit after a big scratch. Nothing too much to worry about there. The base sheet seems to be quite strong (although a bit boring in all black).

Bottom line: If you have one board in your quiver, go for something more versatile with a twin tip. If you have that already and want to add a powder board, take this. It will deliver on a pow day and a groomer day.

I was worried that I was buying too specialized of a gun, yet I discovered a new favorite board. I took this puppy to Japan, and was flying through the trees, playfully launching off of pillows, and dropping smallish "cliffs" with no issues. That was no surprise. I was shocked with I started to take it to bigger mountain objectives with sketchy traverses. The board held up well, despite its big nose. On the groomers, this board was a champ at laying it down low.

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