Big Zip Evo 3L

Platypus Big Zip Evo 3L Reviews

Introducing the Big Zip EVO the latest evolution in taste-free hydration. Platypus 's Big Zip EVO delivers a significantly higher flow rate than previous Platypus reservoirs and a host of new features making it a great option for backpackers hikers and mountain bikers.

Product Reviews

Do you drink(water) like a fish then this is for you

I drink a ton of water while hiking. More than most and this bladder has been a life saver for that reason. Less stopping to filter and fill. I like the security of the zip closure with the slide on handle. It's never failed me. Going on I think 3 years now with it. Come home rinse it out and I personally hang dry. You can put them in the freezer in between hikes as well

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