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Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet Reviews

Don't let a hot head get the best of you when you're leading a difficult pitch of ice—designed with huge amounts of ventilation and a lightweight, protective design, the Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet is ideal for ice climbing and alpine ascents. Petzl used polycarbonate for the shell to keep the Meteor lightweight and ready to absorb impact, and the helmet's polystyrene liner is breathable, comfortable, and tough as they come.

The Meteor is designed to sit securely on your head with a flat headband that cinches around your brain bucket for a killer fit, and it folds into the helmet for easy travel. The adjustable chin strap has a magnetic buckle so you can clip it on with one hand. Petzl also designed the Meteor with small clips around the helmet to secure a headlamp during those still-dark alpine starts.

Product Reviews

A tried and true helmet from the petzl family. The meteor has shown how amazing it is through its comfort and light weight construction for many years.

In my pursuit for a great, lightweight helmet beginning when I started getting outside leading climbs, I found the meteor to be the ticket. I have owned several different models of the meteor over the years and now own the latest 2019 model. Petzl continues to impress with its newer model and I’m stoked to own such a great helmet.
Here are a few things that make the meteor an amazing helmet that you should check out.

-It’s light weight construction (7.9 oz) makes it easy and comfortable to wear all day. Working as a professional climbing guide I can find myself wearing this helmet for 8+ hrs while guiding clients on bigger days. I have had no problem doing that with any model of the meteor.
-It’s adjustable helmet suspension and straps make it easy to get that perfect fit.
-It is able to accommodate a head lamp with ease and the 2019 model comes with an elastic band on the back for better security of the lamp.
-The 2019 model was designed with ski goggles in mind and is also the first CE certified ski touring helmet.
-The 2019 model is rated for not only top side impacts but also side impacts, which make it very safe.
-As stated earlier it is an extremely comfortable helmet and comes in eye catching colors.

So if your in search of an awesome, stylish, lightweight and safe helmet, then look no further then the petzl meteor. You won’t be disappointed! 🤙🤙
Climb on and climb safe!

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