Grigri 2 Belay Device

Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device Reviews

The gold standard of assisted lock belays goes platinum. The Grigri 2 is now designed for use with all diameters of single ropes, from skinny 8.9mm sport threads to beefy 11mm top-rope lines. Other improvements include a new handle with progressive opening action for smooth and safe lowering control, as well as a 25% smaller and 20% lighter design. The protégé of innovation and invention.

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As it stands I’m currently using the Petzl reverso but when I first started climbing the grigri was my go-to belay device. The built in assisted breaking function makes belaying a lot easier for me on the ground and safer for my climber on the wall especially when catching falls. This device caters to just about every rope size making it a very versatile tool to have. Over the years Petzl has done a great job working with their design to make the grigri as light weight and compactable as possible so that’s definitely an added bonus. Overall this piece is an awesome addition to add to your rack’

What is there really to say

One the the best devices out there. Great for belay, great for rigging, and many many other applications. However, it is very important you know how to properly use this device before using it. Make sure you receive the proper training.

The standard in the industry. Any other belay device should be benchmarked off this. The AL wear plate is usually the death of these but thats only after a long time.

The only device I use now

This device is wonderful. I use it for everything. Lead, top rope, belaying From above, it will keep you and your buddies safe. I still keep an atc for rapping, but I use this to belay everyone. I love using it because it gives me that extra sense of security in keeping my climber safe.
The only thing bad I have to say about it is that it does not handle fat ropes well. Anything above 9.8 mm rope and it gets a little dificult to belay with.

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