Petzl BOREO Reviews

Durable and versatile helmet with enhanced protection for climbing and mountaineering

Durable and very versatile, the BOREO helmet is suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning... Thanks to its hybrid construction, the helmet is both low-profile and head-covering. Protection against lateral, frontal and rear impact is reinforced. Optimized volume on the head and wide ventilation holes make it a comfortable helmet for all activities.

Product Reviews

One of the most protective helmets

I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this helmet. I went with petzl because on top of the standard regulations they also have their own standards for top and side protection. While the typical safety requirements for helmets focus most on top impact (for rock fall). Petzl's new standard is meant to protect you better in situations such as lead falls. Of their helmets that meet the additional standards, I went with this one for a few reasons. It does not have the finicky magnetic clip of the meteor and it's price point is a bit friendlier.

After using this helmet I am incredibly pleased with its performance. Easy to adjust, fits great, and though it's not the most ventilated or lightest helmet of the current line up, I found it still to be pretty light and airy. I would absolutely recommend this helmet to anyone doing any type of climbing, canyoneering, or caving (they have a special edition for it).

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