Strider Pro Shorts 5" - Men's

Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts 5" - Men's Reviews

The 5" Strider Pros blend enhanced protection and coverage with additional storage for the long haul. The polyester crepe liner (now a regular brief profile, with Polygiene permanent odor control) wicks, adds chafe-free comfort and is light, fast drying and highly breathable. Four overlapping, stretchy back hip pockets (two on each side) carry what you need for a full day of mountain running; an additional stretchy, card-sized center-back pocket closes securely with a zipper.



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Hop off that fence. The grass is greener over here.

They are in fact worth 70 dollars.

They are light and comfortable. And if you like that premium fabric feel when you drop a lot of money on a usually mundane item, you will not be disapointed.

Pockets. The phone pocket can be stretched to fit my galaxy note 9 with Moment case. It's not an easy fit. But it will fit. The pocket stretches, but the zipper opening is ridged. So its comfortable once it's in there, just not rapid access.

The side pockets are longer than you think. I have put a full sized deodorant stick in the front side pocket with full coverage. Not a normal carry item for me, but the pockets can accommodate it. Phone wallet and keys are no problem for every day carry. And ultralight rain jacket is no problem.

You can also wear these under pants and underwear.... the fabric is so light that it doesnt show bunched up lines under e en slim fitting and thing fabric pants.

Weird pro tip
(If you are minimalist you can ditch your exofficios and have underwaer and shorts in one garment that dries faster and has the same odor mitigation as ex officious. My ex officious are wearing out after 6 years and I'm phasing them out with strider pro shorts.)

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