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Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket - Men's Reviews

The Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Insulated Jacket offers warmth without weight so you can trek into the alpine with a lighter pack. Its Primaloft Gold Eco insulation adds the touch of warmth needed for active endeavors in cold places, and it's compressible so the jacket stows inside its own pocket for compact convenience on your harness or in your pack. Patagonia treated the jacket's tough, recycled ripstop shell to shed snowflakes and raindrops.


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Product Questions

John H.  John H.: Hi! With all the puffy jackets out there now, why'd you choose this one? It seems like it might come down to style or fit. What do you think?
Linda C.  Linda C.: My bf owned his original one for years so when he lost it he wanted to replace it, simple because he liked it.
When I decided to splurge on one, i waited for a 30% sale in REi and went to try it on in the store. If you never owned a Patagonia jacket, it’s best to try the sizes before you buy. I liked that size L in women’s was longer than medium, but it was too wide for me. So i picked up M instead, which is tighter fitting but more flattering on my body.
I live in the great Pacific Northwest, and my Patagonia puffy gives me a sense of finally fitting in. Haha. Joking!
But you do see lots of Patagonia gear in the mountains here.
So to answer your question, for me it was buying an outdoorsy fashion statement that is made of quality materials by reliable company with great customer service. All at a reasonable price. Have you heard about their lifetime warranty?! Just another reason to go with Patagonia as opposed to cheap Amazon puffy...
Scott K.  Scott K.: With all the puffys it definitely can be hard to choose. Ultimately it comes down to what you like. For me, I love the orange color of the Patagonia puffy and I found one on clearance so I bought it. The big advantage the Patagonia puffy offers is how lightweight it is. I can climb all day in this jacket without worrying that I'm getting weighed down too much on the walls.
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Product Reviews

My favorite outer shell jacket!

The down Nano Puff Jacket from Patagonia is my favorite outer layer when in cold weather. It keeps you super warm and insulated when temperatures drop. Lightweight, packs into itself and is extremely durable. Functional for on the trail and stylish for around town. Love this jacket.

Daily warmth

I am dedicated to wearing Patagonia and the Nano Puff is among one of four Patagonia puffy jackets that I wear. The Nano Puff is warm without the bulk, lightweight, and durable. I wear it daily, regardless of the activity I may be doing.

The nano puff is built to last and is a great outer shell. Like any good puffy, it folds into it's own pocket and keeps you warm into the high 30s. Below that, I'd layer up. This jacket can really take a beating and will keep up whether you're heading to the grocery store or to the summit of Fitz Roy. The Nano Puff is incredibly lightweight, my first time wearing this during a climb I barely even noticed the added weight when I clipped the anchors. If you want good value and a jacket that will last a long time, this is it.

My boyfriend owned this jacket for a few years before he left it at a venue by accident. They come in cool colors which tent to be a shade different each year. He wasn’t happy when he couldn’t find the exact same green he misplaced.
Other than that, these nano puff jackets are perfect layering items. They are not thick enough to keep you warm on a cold day by itself, hence the layering. So i would say it’s great 3 season jacket.
It packs small inside one of the pockets, so it’s great as a jacket to take for backpacking trips!
The square quilting distributes the dawn evenly, so he never had issues with cold spots.
Men’s style is more relaxed than women’s. Ladies jacket is more form fitting.

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