Capilene Cool Trail Short-Sleeve Shirt - Men's

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Short-Sleeve Shirt - Men's Reviews

You can rise early to beat the heat, but by the time you're nearing the summit that summer sun will be beating down on you. Whether you're running or hiking, summer days on the trail can be unforgiving, but luckily for you there's the Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Short-Sleeve Shirt. Designed to keep you cool and dry during hot trail excursions, this lightweight trail shirt delivers a solid balance of performance and comfort. It's got a soft polyester construction that feels like cotton but wicks like a synthetic, giving you next-to-skin comfort for summit lunches, while still drying and cooling when you need to work hard. This shirt is stretchy and mobile for greater comfort during activity, and features underarm gussets that enhance that mobility and help reduce chafing during long, steamy days on the trail.


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Good looks, but will they last?

High level view: A shirt doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to look decent, be durable, and dry quickly. This t-shirt hits on all fronts. 

Detailed review: I am 5’10” and weight about 170lbs, and the Small fits me perfectly. It is not too big and not too tight. It fits quite casually, yet is still cut well enough not to look baggy. I guess you can call it a tailored look.

I have multiple of these shirts, and wear them more or less daily. I’ve climbed the Matterhorn in one, I’ve done yard work in one, and I’ve done a lot in between. The shirt is light weight and soft. I really like them because they are just simple t-shirts. Mine do not have any obnoxious logos or anything.

My favorite thing about these shirts is that, no matter how much I sweat, and I sweat a lot, the shirts just don’t stink. This is great for multi-day alpine climbs, travelling, or just being lazy with the laundry. I try to make most my clothes be equally useful in town as they are in the mountains, and I think these shirts hit the mark.

My biggest concern is durability. They are light weight, and I do a lot of climbing, which is hell on light weight clothes. One shirt already developed some friction holes near my hip, so I imagine that these shirts while amazing, will have some durability issues. 

Final say: these shirts look and feel good, and that they somehow are able to not retain my funky sweat smell is great. I don’t think I will buy more of these shirts though, due to some suspect durability. My active life style is a bit too abusive on these light weight shirts, which is a pitty, because these shirts are so great in all other aspects.

Another home run for Patagonia

This shirt is impossibly soft and comfortable for being completely synthetic! I wear it both on the trail and just on hot days - a super versatile shirt. On a recent hike in the Bavarian Alps, we got caught in a pretty intense downpour and this shirt got soaked. Luckily the hut we were staying at had a drying room. To my surprise, this shirt was the first piece out of all of our equipment that was dry! We went ahead and purchased one for my SO after the trip!

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