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The Osprey Poco AG Kid Carrier makes packing your little adventure buddy as comfortable as possible thanks to a full-wrap aluminum frame, tensioned mesh backpanel, and soft harness system for supreme comfort. You'll also appreciate the adjustable hipbelt that can be dialed in to deliver a precise fit for you, because you'll be the one doing all the hard work. To be sure your kid stays as comfortable as you do, Osprey included a secure and fleece-lined harness that can be adjusted as your kid grows, and threw in removable stirrups with safety leg loops to be sure your precious cargo stays on board when the trail turns steep. When it's time to let Junior explore the mountain, the Poco can be easily set down on the wide base, and even has a locking footbar to keep the pack upright so Junior doesn't end up face down in the dirt. Toss plenty of snacks and juice in the zippered main compartment and be sure to throw your camera in the additional large zippered pocket so you can catch that precious moment when your kid discovers deer scat tastes nothing like raisins.


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Love this Carrier

This is a great carrier. I hike with my nephew pretty often and he is very comfortable in this pack and enjoys going on hikes so much. He is almost 30 pounds now we’ve been using it since he was in the mid-20 pounds. It has always been comfortable for him. There is a shade cover so he can be completely blocked from the sun at the top. The bottom compartment has a lot of space for things that he and I both need. I’m always able to fit bottles diapers,wipes and more. I highly recommend this product.

We use ours at least twice a week sometimes more. This was a great investment in our families ability to get outside. The back part comes off so you can choose to carry as much or little as you like. It’s very stable and fits both myself (xs torso) and my partner (L torso). The sun shade is perfect coverage for our toddler and a good neck brace when he falls asleep.

Essential for Hikers with Small Kids

I absolutely loved this backpack. We had one for almost 3 years and it went through 2 boys. The craftmanship is second to none and it really held up to the tough activities we put it through. The inside portion where your child sits is adjustable and it is great for babies no matter how fat or skinny their little legs are. It was so comfortable for the kids that if they ever needed a nap and we were having a hard time getting them down, we would stick them in the poco and take a walk. The sunshade makes them look like royalty riding on top as well. We have tried many different brands of bags, I will never stray from Osprey from this point on. Awesome back support and fully adjustable. Both myself and my husband wore it with no issues. are.


This backpack is my absolute favorite. It comfortably sits my 1 year old in it and even allows him to take naps while we are hiking. It comes with a built in sunshade so that I can protect his sensitive skin. It’s comfortable for me as well and allows me to hike long distances while carrying my baby and all our gear. Would recommend this to anyone.

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