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Osprey Aura AG 65 L Backpack Reviews

The women’s-specific Osprey Aura AG™ 65 relies on Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system for outstanding ventilation and comfort. This pack is often found on the backs of experienced thru-hikers.

Osprey’s Anti-Gravity™ suspension system—a seamless backpanel composed of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the backpanel to the hipbelt contours to the body to deliver outstanding fit and unrestricted movement. The Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt and easily adjustable torso length optimizes comfort on the trail.

You can access your gear through the top of the pack. The versatile floating top-lid is removable to shave weight but an integrated FlapJacket™ is always onboard to protect your gear from the elements. There are also two front panel pockets to keep essentials from going astray. Final touches on this state-of-the-art pack include the Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment system, and ice axe loops for winter ascents.


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Product Questions

Taylor D.  Taylor D.: Have you found this pack easy to organize inside? I've read some reviews about the inside compartments seeming to be not well thought out. I'm wondering if this was just one reviewer or if this is an experience many people have had! If your answer is yes, do you think the other benefits that this pack has justify the lack of organization? And if your answer is no, can you tell me a little bit about the pockets and compartments that are inside the pack?? Thank you so much!! I'm getting ready for my first big backpacking trip and the pack choices are so overwhelming!
Hannah W.  Hannah W.: Hello Taylor!

There aren't many inside compartments.. but the brain can hold a lot of items. I can fit a large bear box in the main compartment with my clothes, I put my sleeping bag, pad and hammock in the bottom compartment. There are two zipper pockets in the front where I keep my books/miscellaneous items. And I put my toiletries and food in the brain. The pack is super comfortable, and fits my body like a glove. The one criticism I have is that there aren't many places to clip outside gear to. So everything I carry has to fit inside the pack.
I hope this helps.
Andrea D.  Andrea D.: I agree with Hannah. I tend to organize all of my things in little ditty bags anyway so it's not a huge problem for me. I have only used this pack once as it was time for me to upgrade from my very old backpack.
As a plus size hiker, my only issue was that the hip belt did not fit as is (I have other brand backpacks that fit fine, so really didn't think this would be an issue). I did a makeshift fix for the backpacking trip I was going on right away and now am in contact with Osprey to remedy this and make it fit right.
I hope you have a great trip!
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Product Reviews

After trying anti-gravity, you’ll never go back

The Aura model has everything you need and nothing you don’t, with lots of storage and perfectly placed pockets for easy organization. The anti-gravity suspension rests the weight on the hips to save neck and shoulder muscles from suffering.

Amazing backpack!

Comfortable, mobile and breathable. Osprey is my favorite brand of packs

Love my Aura!

I’ve had my Aura since 2014. I’ve taken it on multiple backpacking trips, overseas, and recently to South Africa. The straps are heavily padded making it very comfortable to carry heavy loads for long periods of time. There’s great back support. Overall, a great pack made by a great company. Highly recommended!

My second osprey aura AG

I love the backpack! It has so many pockets to organise your pack out there in the wild and it's so easy to carry, even when you're going with a heavy weight over 10kg. The hipbelts are suiting me very well and they have small pockets which is also super nice to keep some small stuff (mobile phone, etc) when it rains, you can put the rain cover on to make it waterproof. I have been hiking in the swedish fjäll, where it's really moist and raining quite much. After a full day of rain ( with having the rain cover on) my stuff inside got a little bit wet. This happens with every backpack that isn't made from a waterproof fabric, but you have to know that when it's heavy rain the whole day, you need drypacks inside to keep your stuff dry. This is not meant as criticism, more like a piece of advice for those, who are planning to hike in very moist areas (who actually likes that?!)

Apart from that, the pack starts to "squeek" after a while. I sent my first Aura AG back to osprey because I was annoyed by that squeeking sound and they sent me a completely new one after a few days. So the service is super fast!! But I have to say, my second packs has a light squeeking as well...

To conclude: I love my pack! I love the design, I love the size, I love the antigravity system. That's what counts for me. You can get this backpack for a very good price and that's the point. If you want something better than this, you HAVE to spend more money. The price is absolutely fine for what you get. I'm planning to get something with a waterproof fabric next, but that's going to be a little bit "extra".

This pack has been on many trips with me, in the woods or in the city, and I can just recommend it! :)

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