Oru Kayak Bay ST Foldable Kayak

Oru Kayak Bay ST Foldable Kayak

Launched on Kickstarter, sold around the world and in the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (remember we pointed out it was a true work of art). Beginners will find it stable. Expert kayakers will find it fast and sporty. Everyone will find it fun. This kayak also packs plenty of room to stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions with the capacity to hold up to 300 pounds (including you and your gear). Transforming it from box to boat takes just a few minutes, and your friends will absolutely think you're a genius. Right up until they go buy one for themselves.Hull DesignMade from custom polypropylene with a 10-year UV treatment, the Bay Sit-Inside Foldable Kayak is rated for 20,000 folds. That's more than enough times to fold and unfold your kayak every day for over 27 years! The first few times you fold up your kayak it will be more difficult than it looks in the instructional video. This is because the material is not very flexible yet. It will become more malleable over time and easier to assemble and fold back into the box. The Bay features a simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system with watertight seams and a pair of structural bulkheads for extra rigidity.

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