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Hornet offers the ultimate in livability and comfort at an incredibly packable weight. This year, we've increased the interior volume of this ultralight tent by 10% with the addition of the patent-pending Flybar volumizing pole clip. Single-pole construction with volumizing struts and high-quality pole clips complete the package, making this the best two-person, two-door, two-vestibule, sub-two pound tent on the market.


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Super light and super view!!

My very first "good" backpacking tent. I have had 3 others before until I thought "you should spend a little more money for something that is your home for the nights out there in the mountains." And so I did, and don't regret anything!

Thus tent is set up in 5 minutes or less (not kidding).
It weights only 800 grams (that is literally less than my full bottle of water)
It has a cool design and 2 exits on both sides (important if you're going with someone else, you don't have to climb above your sleeping mate)
So far it has been waterproof (not tested in super heavy rain though)

What I love is the starlight window! The tent has some black mesh on the upper side, and when it's dark outside you can completely see through as if it wasn't there! Falling asleep while seeing millions of stars is the best thing ever!!! Because of that I rarely use the raincover. But if you need it, you can put it on in 2 minutes.
I personally use it as a 1 person tent and pull my backpack inside. Have used it a few times as a 2 person tent and that works completely fine as well!

Yeah, I love this tent, 10/10 would recommend!

I love this tent.

I backpack around the SE US so bugs and humidity are the name of the game. This tent has a ton of ventilation, very open head space, and wide vestibules. I will say the little plastic pieces that open up the ceiling area can be tricky to pack away if you are in a downpour or any other situation that would cause you to be rushed. That is my only complaint at all. The bathtub floor is great, the double sided entry is a must, and I really, really love the jake’s foot snaps on the tent-they make the poles super secure.

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