Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - 32 fl. oz.

Nalgene Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - 32 fl. oz. Reviews

The Nalgene Ultralite Wide-Mouth water bottle is ideal for carrying water while walking or hiking.

Product Reviews

Nalgene hands down produces the most durable bottle in the game and I believe that’s what really sets them apart from any other. Seriously Nalgene must have found these water bottles of krypton or something because they are indestructible and BPA free ;). And in case you didn’t guess it, if throwing it down the mountain doesn’t kill it neither will your dishwasher! Making cleaning quick and convenient as possible. Added bonuses are the loop around the mouth piece so you never misplace your lid aswell as measuring lines so if necessary you can monitor water consumption. This water bottle is one piece of gear I believe every adventure seeker should own.

This bottle can take a beating

I’ve had the his bottle for a few years now and it’s still rocking hard like the first day I’ve gotten it. It’s taken falls at the crag to long trips out on the water. This bottle is a definite need to have for sure.


Good bottle that survive lots of falls and scrapes. Because of the wideness it’s easier to clean.

Perfect size

It's the perfect size and won't break if I drop it, but I tend to bring 2 with me in case I need more water

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