Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - 32 fl. oz.

Nalgene Wide-Mouth Water Bottle - 32 fl. oz. Reviews

The Nalgene Ultralite Wide-Mouth water bottle is ideal for carrying water while walking or hiking. If you’re looking for a water bottle that will keep you well hydrated, hold up against bangs, bumps, and drops, and not leak a single drop ever, then the iconic 32-ounce wide mouth is your water bottle. There’s a reason why we haven’t changed its design in decades—because it works (extremely well).


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Product Reviews

Pretty good

I use this as a back up water bottle and a doggy water bottle. Isn’t insulated so keeping water cold is difficult but very durable.

Life saver

Everyone complains about the weight of this when they see it in my multiday backpacking spread but this thing is a trooper. It is more durable than anything else on the market and is my trusty "clean water" container. Paired with a sawyer filter and a smart water bottle (for the unfiltered water) the triad is irreplaceable. If I'm feeling super nervous about my water source I can easily steripen in the Nalgene, something that's fairly difficult in many other bottles. 8k

Love the wide mouth Nalgene

I have several Nalgene bottles and use them on a daily basis! They are super durable and another must have when hiking and backpacking. Love the fact they don’t hold onto smells from flavored beverages and also don’t have the plastic BPA taste. They can also serve as a dual purpose - at the end of the day, heat some water up in your campstove and fill your Nalgene with it and put it in your sleeping bag to help keep you warm through the night.

What more can I add that you don't already know....

Chances are, if you have dabbled even just a pinky toe in eliminating single use plastics from your life, you know of or own a Nalgene. Or for some of us you have 5-8 of them at any given time. 22 years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Nalgene at a very young age as my step-father gifted me a hand me down wide mouth bottle cause I liked the look of it (little did I know at age 11). I eventually weaned two of the originals models in the original blue color scheme from him, which are still in rotation today! Ever since then, I have bought (and lost) a number of these (in different configurations). I will spell out this review as it applies to all their bottles, they rock! They are simple, reliable, durable, and easy to use and clean! They are not to be used with hot liquids of course (non-insulated), but pretty much any cool beverage. I have dropped Nuun tabs, Emergencee, Alka-Seltzer, you name it, in these and after a thorough washing (wide mouth does great in the dishwasher) they do not retain any scents. I have noticed if I leave one sitting around for a while it will develop a smell of mildew of sorts, but if you're in a pinch as I have been, I have stomached the smell to consume the still-potable water. But nothing a quick wash hasn't fixed. They are notoriously durable, especially for their weight; but I have broken/cracked a few. I simply sent Nalgene a photo of the damage and voila, a week later a new bottle arrived and I recycled the old one. I keep a full one just about everywhere- my car, office, bedroom, etc. They now come in fun colors, oftentimes with custom brands or logos, and the lids can be replaced. Get yourself one and throw some kick a** stickers on it!

Bottle Horder

Durable and long lasting. My nalgene and I’ve been through some things. Easy to clean and carry around everywhere

Perfect size & so durable

I resisted a Nalgene for a long time because it felt too trendy, but in preparation for a recent backpacking trip decided to bite the bullet. I waited too long! It was great for the trip, and I can attest to its durability. After crossing a pass and hiking along a ridge for a few miles I accidentally dropped it and watched it roll many feet over a scree field before falling off the cliff. Due to our position we could see where it landed and it was still intact! Way way too far to retrieve though, so sadly I had to replace. I will say the sipper insert is a must for me and makes it a lot easier to drink out of.

Great for day hikes and  day-to-day life.

I’ve been a Nalgene user for most of high school and college, and have used the same bottle the entire time. They’re incredibly durable, having survived being dropped, thrown, stepped on, and the whole time has survived with minimal scratching. It’s definitely a bit heavy for UL hikers and thru hikers in general, but for day hiking, working out at the gym or for carrying around during the day, it’s fantastic. Cleaning it can be difficult, but a good bottle brush or some very dilute bleach in hot water shaken vigorously is effective at removing any built up grime. Overall a fantastic water bottle with more color options than you would know what to do with!


This is an awesome water bottle. Bpa free and can clip onto my backpack. I love it


Throw stickers all over it to show off your stuff. Fill it up, throw it into your backpack, hear the psychosis-inducing sloshing sound, drink it up, dribble half of it down your face, repeat. What do you expect from a cheap, cult-classic water bottle? But on that note... I own nine of these bad boys and love them all to death.

Perfect size

It's the perfect size and won't break if I drop it, but I tend to bring 2 with me in case I need more water


Good bottle that survive lots of falls and scrapes. Because of the wideness it’s easier to clean.

This bottle can take a beating

I’ve had the his bottle for a few years now and it’s still rocking hard like the first day I’ve gotten it. It’s taken falls at the crag to long trips out on the water. This bottle is a definite need to have for sure.

Nalgene hands down produces the most durable bottle in the game and I believe that’s what really sets them apart from any other. Seriously Nalgene must have found these water bottles of krypton or something because they are indestructible and BPA free ;). And in case you didn’t guess it, if throwing it down the mountain doesn’t kill it neither will your dishwasher! Making cleaning quick and convenient as possible. Added bonuses are the loop around the mouth piece so you never misplace your lid aswell as measuring lines so if necessary you can monitor water consumption. This water bottle is one piece of gear I believe every adventure seeker should own.

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