WhisperLite Stove

MSR WhisperLite Stove Reviews

The WhisperLite stove has been the number one choice of outdoor adventurers for over 25 years. Backpackers, climbers, hikers and adventure travelers alike have come to rely on its easy-to-use design and durable, stainless steel and brass construction to deliver dependable performance in most any situation.

Product Reviews

MSR’s WhisperLite is a tried and true liquid-fuel stove system. It’s reliability and durability has been great. Making it a go-to stove for adventure seekers more than 25 years.
Maintenance is simple and basic/annual upkeep can easily keep this stove operating for decades. As mine has. Although I’ve had no issues or field failures, I have heard (albeit not very often) an occasional issue with the control valve being the most spoken of. That being said, I would still recommend this system and continue to use it myself.

Easy, reliable, compatible with international fuel. Great backpacking stuff. Not super light and you’ll have to carry gas but this is what our best meals in the backcountry are made of.

Love this!! Took this on my 5 months Appalachian Trail thru hike. Easy to use, compact, and can use any type of fuel.

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