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MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Reviews

When you're traveling the backcountry, you need proper meals to keep your adventure going. MSR's PocketRocket 2 Stove delivers powerful cooking abilities in a lightweight, compact design that opens up your culinary options to a variety of meals that make your backcountry pursuits more enjoyable. Boils a liter of water in as little as 3.5 minutes, meaning a meal is always just around the corner. Folding pot supports enhance packability and accept a wide variety of pot sizes. Hard-shell case protects it during transport. Fuel canister not included

Product Reviews

Small but Mighty

This stove is my tried and true favourite. It's been reliable through all situations I've thrown at it, whether backpacking in the summer or car camping in the winter. The best part.... small enough to fit in my pocket.

Best all around backpacking stove currently available

I’ve owned and used an MSR Pocket Rocket 2 for almost 3 years. Having owned and still use several different kinds of stoves, this one is hands down my current favorite. It’s compact, light, sturdy, has simmer options, fuel canister are easily accessible in several sizes and you can purchase them in multiple countries. I’ve personally had it at around 14,000 ft elevation and as cold as -2 Fahrenheit. It’s preformed flawlessly in every conceivable condition. Can’t recommend this product highly enough.

So easy

This little stove is so small and easy it’s hard to say anything negative about it. Some other stoves cook faster, but for size and weight, this is my favorite!

Great for light weight stove

MSR has always been my go to for camp coming great because their stoves and burners are among the best you can get.
This stove I like to have handy during walk weather (either camping or climbing).
The lightness makes it easy to t take anywhere and you can boil a pot of water in no time.

For the winter I wouldn't recommend this, especially if you intend to be gone a while. Nation reason being that you just don't get the most out of the butane in the cold.
Instead i would highly recommend the MSR Whisper lite stove which runs on naphtha and last much longer. I can get a week plus out of a bottle.

This stove has been my constant companion on trail for 5+ years. It’s lightweight, packable, and doesn’t requiring priming to start. I love that it has a simmer function to keep meals from burning and can boil water in 2 minutes. Depending on the size of the canaster, a large pot on top of this stove can be unstable at a full boil. It can also be affected by wind as there’s no way to use a windscreen with it. MSR easily makes the best canister stove on the market with the Pocket Rocket.

Great light weight stove

I know there is smaller stoves but I actually preferred this one it is a tiny bit bigger but it's not enough to where I feel like I am carrying too much extra weight. It puts off a nice Flame however if you are in windy condition I suggest that you put some sort of Wind Block up I've used a stack of rocks I've also used just myself obviously in a safe manner. I've never had problems with this stove

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