Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove Reviews

The PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit has everything you need to cook-and-eat for two in the backcountry. It features a pressure regulator that makes it ideal for all conditions and environments, offering consistently faster boil times than non-regulated canister-mounted stoves. This ultralight deluxe version features a durable push-start Piezo Igniter.

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An improvement on a classic

You've probably heard of the original pocket rocket that has an almost cult like following in the backpacking world. The pocket rocket deluxe takes that design and adds a few improvements! It has a wider, recessed burner head that is more windproof and offers better simmer control. It also is much quieter than the original. They've added a piezo igniter, but for some reason mine seems to be fairly unreliable and doesn't always work. I haven't heard of this issue with other units and I'm too tied up with all my current trips to send it in for repair/replacement. They also added a pressure regulator, which improves cold weather performance and ensures the stove performs consistently as your fuel canister starts to empty. All this and the weight has barely changed at all! It is one of the more expensive compact stoves out there, but it's one you'll have for a very long time.

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