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New to Metolius, the Ultralight Master Cam takes the weight off alpinists and trad climbers. These cams are 40% lighter than most cams, and their lobes use stops for extra security in cracks. The lobes also have Range Finders with green-to-red dots along the sides that assist your placements. Color-coded by size, the Ultralight Master Cam is easy to find on your rack so you can plug and send. Metolius made it easy for you to replace the Monster Sling after a few seasons.



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Great Beginner Cam

As I've been progressing I'm my climbing I've began and obvious transformation to trad climbing. Although my rack is still a work in progress I'm quickly figuring out what gears works best for me.. The Metolius Ultralight Master Cams (MUMC for sake of ease) are a great starter cam for those looking to wean themselves from the more affordable options i. e. Nuts and hexes. As far a cams goes these cams have a pretty attractive price range and being light is a bonus. But by far MUMC's best feature are the color coded markings around the lobes witch help you identify the right sized cam for the job, making it excellent for those still learning.. With all this said there are a few concerns...

1. Unlike the Black Diamond Camalot cams, MUMC's don't have their own thumb loop, rather the sling kind of is the thumb loop which can cause a bit of fumbling when placing..

2. The trigger wire isn't a wire but a piece of fabric cord.. I'm sure it's fairly to complain of.. Happy climbing!!!

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