Element Key Lock Belay Carabiner

Metolius Element Key Lock Belay Carabiner Reviews

Metolius gave the Element Key Lock Belay Carabiner a pear shape with round bar stock to make belaying effortless and secure. The keylock gate keeps this Metolius carabiner from snagging on anything when you're clipping and unclipping gear. Metolius made this carabiner just large enough that you can use it with a Munter hitch, but not one bit bigger, so you don't have to carry around any extra aluminum.


Gina Reed

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Great for fitted rappel devices

For me, these biners are a bit of a niche piece of gear. I tend to prefer smaller more lightweight I-beam style lockers for other purposes. These, however, are absolutey perfect for fitted rappel devices such as the ATC and CRITR.

Element Key Lock Belay Carabiner Review

This locking carabiner, while being a bit smaller than some prefer, it has the mobility for long multipitch routes. The locking mechanism is easy to see and feel when it is full locked, but is easy to release after being weighted.

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