Glider Bi 9.9

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The Glider series represents the ultimate in durability and reduced rope drag. Built to the same high performance standards as Maxim New England Apex products, ropes in the Glider series utilize TPT sheath, significantly reducing drag. This technology, according to Rock & Ice Magazine, " creates a fabulous feel without being soft and mushy. noticeably reduces drag. and is a real joy to handle with minimal kinking." The Glider is the perfect sport and trad climbing rope, and is a good all-around choice for extreme free climbing.



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Maxim - Glider 9.9

Weighing at approximately 8.5 lbs the Glider makes an excellent for long hikes in to your favorite icicle. This was the first ice climbing rope I purchase and to be completely honest I had no idea what to look for when I bought it, but that comes with experience.
Typically I've found that Maxim's ropes have had rather stiff sheaths, but I've quickly became a custum this . Despite the stiffness of the sheath its bomber, nearly indestructible, I've had the rope for nearly five years now and it's suffered only a couple minor frays. I have used it for rock climbing the odd time but only really recommend for ice climbing,. Overall the Glider is a great ice climbing rope if you don't mind a bit of a stiffer rope..

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