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Loksak Opsak Resealable Odor Proof Storage Bags Reviews

Going camping? Sleep peacefully knowing your food is stored in "bear-proof" storage bags. Loksak Opsak Storage Bags are state-of-the-art bags that are resealable and odor-proof. They can even handle body waste. Whether you are camping, traveling with a baby or adventure racing, these lightweight storage bags will make for a safer, more pleasurable journey. Resealable, lightweight and odor-proof


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Let the critters (small and big!) go to the next campsite

My friend had some of these and all the squirrels ended up on my bag at night. I, too, have two, one for my food and one for garbage. I'm not convinced they are 100% odor proof but I believe it's all about having less of a scent than the other people. Just like with bears, as long as someone is slower than you, you're safe, right? I really recommend, especially paired with URsacks.

Scent free is the way to be

These waterproof and scent proof bags are a must have when traveling or backpacking. I use them to keep critters out of my food and have one specifically for trash. They can be reused many times and I haven't had any issues yet.

These bags rock

Ok. So maybe these aren’t bear proof. BUT up high, where bears aren’t the issue... marmots are- these bags are a godsend. I keep trash in one. Food in another. And toiletries first aid smelly items in another. I stash the bags while hiking away from base camp - or at night.. and never worry about critters getting in! They work!
Down side: the bag has two ziploc type tracks at the top for closing. It can sometimes be difficult to close them both successfully and then opening them both. the first bag I had.. I opened it up all silly-billy like I would a regular ziploc.. and the plastic just ripped along the seam :/ I’ve since been more careful with other bags and have not had any other issues.

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