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The original V-Chambered air pad that changed the way people Sleep Outside™. The Static V™ is the world’s first lightweight, packable air pad that incorporates body-mapping chambers for ultimate comfort. The exclusive V-Chamber design conforms to the shape of your body while maintaining ample, lofted air pockets. The result: side, back, and stomach sleepers can all rest comfortably on a generous bed of air.


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Great for side sleeping!

Im a side sleeper, and that’s not gonna change if I’m camping. This pad helps create plenty of cushion between my shoulders and the ground when I’m sleeping. Not to mention, it’s also the size of a Nalgene bottle when rolled up!

I don’t own it but my friend does and now I want one!

This thing is amazing! It’s insulated so it doesn’t deflate during the night and durable enough that when we were forced to cowboy camp in the bottom of a rocky canyon, it stood up to the test. It’s really lightweight so great for backpacking as well. I’m definitely buying one.

Insulated Static V

I absolutely love ❤️ this sleeping pad! After much searcher on inflating sleeping pads, this was the winner and I’m extremely satisfied. It’s light weight (27oz.), compact, mil spec tough and has a 4.4 r value. Highly recommend this!

Static V Sleeping pads!

Amazing pad! Quick blowup time, used it for a 30 day backpacking trip! Nice and light weight super easy to shovel down in my pack and get going quickly!

Klymit static V2

This sleeping pad has some great qualities, super light, it folds down to a smaller size than most other pads I have seen or tried. It feels great when you lay on it, you cannot feel rocks. For these things, its a thru-hikers dream. However, it took alot more than 12 breaths as stated. 29 to be exact, and after a day of section or thru-hiking at elevations, I feel this is significant. The only other negative I found with this pad is the biggest, every time I woke up, the pad was at least a foot away from me. Super slippery. So for this ...only 3 stars. What good is a sleeping pad if you cant sleep ON it.

Comfortable, Light, Moderately Priced

This was my favorite pad I’ve owned to date. It breaks down small and is durable. It doesn’t take very many breathes to blow up and I can comfortably side sleep all night on this. The r value is lacking and doesn’t hold in heat. They do have an insulated version of this which I suggest if you want a cold weather pad.

Well rested side sleeper

Bought this pad(in blue) when the company was first starting out. I have yet to feel the need to purchase a different sleep pad. If I do I will get the same but more insulated version. Never leaks air. The twist closure is holding up well.

Great lightweight pad.

As a side sleeper I found this pad fairly comfortable. The chambers really do help to keep you centered. It's very lightweight and easy to fold up back into the package. It doesn't take any extreme effort to inflate. The valve on it is great for both inflating and deflating.

The best part is, if you shop around for a bit, you can usually find a deal. I got mine for $20 off making it well worth the money!

Ok I have been testing various sleeping pads out this past week and here is the results for KLYMIT Static V2 sleeping pad.

When sitting down on this Matt, you easily bottom out which usually spells doom for the airpad in question. However there was definitely great support from this pad.

But I was really surprised at the good sleep I had with it. It was probably due to the unique design with horizontal side baffles and the middle section being vertical 45° baffles makes this a very solid pad combined with the R value of 1.3 that actually helps with the cold bum feeling. However last night it dipped to 40° so I started to slightly feel the cold from the ground coming up a little but I still had a great sleep in all positions.

Here are the stats;

16.3oz or 463grams
R-Value 1.3
Inflate 10-15 breathes
Combining horizontal and vertical baffles making a very comfortable sleep.
Barely enough elbow space so elbows not testing on the cold ground.

A great summer pad but during fall and spring this pad could start to feel cold.
Not a good hammock pad either as it is too slippery and slides during the night.

FIN eh 🇨🇦⚓🇺🇸.

I love this pad.

I’ve been so impressed with this pad. I can sleep on my side, back, or stomach comfortably. Packs down well and seems very durable. I’ve been using it for just over 18 months for four season use.

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