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Feature of the Klymit KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag Packs small, to the size of a football Stretch baffles enhance warmth and your ability to moveinside the bag Neck gaiter and draft tubes reduce heat loss Includes large mesh bag for long-term storage for down preservation Ideal for 3 season sleeping


Andre Linda

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Ever slept on a cloud?

Have you ever slept on a cloud? Well, this is as comfortable of a sleeping bag as it gets, at least in my opinion.
I was backpacking with someone who had one and I immediately purchased it upon return home. I’m a side sleeper who tosses and turns so i always felt constricted by regular sleeping bags. This one has stretchy baffles along the whole bag, so you can sleep in whatever position and still have space to breathe. (Then my issue was that while my bag wasn’t restrictive anymore, my pad wasn’t wide enough. Lol)
I’m 5’7” and have more than enough space left at my feet, or you can also shorten it with little hoop and loop on the bottom. The reason behind this is that if you run cold at night and have too much empty space in the bag your body will exert even more heat and you will be cold. I opted for the 20 degree bag as I don’t plan on sleeping any colder than that, and the warmer the bag the heavier it will be as they have to use more material. I slept with it on a Haleakala Crater in Hawaii, snow camped at Mount Rainier, backpacked around Mount St Helens and used this bag on 10+ car camping trips already.

While i love this bag and i have been using it on trips throughout the year, i might need to splurge on something lighter eventually and sacrifice on comfort. It weighs over 3lbs and while it is water-repellent treated down, it doesn’t compress very small. I stuff it into 14L bag. It works for now but when I do more of ultralight backpacking, a 3lbs sleeping bag won’t be an option.
Another minor issue is the loop and hook velcro at the collar gets constantly stuck with my sleep shirt (and ruining sleeves of my merino shirts). While zipper works seamlessly, the velcro i never use and yet it constantly bothers me.

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