Tuck 40 Degree Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tuck 40 Degree Sleeping Bag Reviews

Are you a tosser, a turner, a flipper or a flopper? All good…the Tuck has the room for any of your moves. Our Tuck mummy bag packs down into a compact little package so you don’t have to give up your creature comforts. Built with silky soft polyester for durability, and soft touch premium insulation for warmth, we’ve upped the amount of insulation in the hood to give you a built-in pillow, and keep your toes toasty. And if in the middle of the night you feel too warm, a convenient foot zipper lets you find your happy place.

Product Reviews

Made from silky 75D polyester inside and out with ThermaPro Ultra Synthetic insulation, this mummy bag has been comfortable and rugged enough for my moderate to warm weather trips.
I found the comfort rating of 40F/4C honest, although with a down coat or added liner I was able to sleep well below that rating. The synthetic insulation works well, as expected from ThermaPro, and additional filling has been added to areas like the hood (for a built in pillow) and foot area.
The zipper system has held up quite well too. They added an additional zipper for those nights where you get too toasty, just unzip a section of the bottom to allow your feet out to breathe.
With additional anchor points on the bag, if so desired, you can strap your bag to a bed mat.
Tuck comes in its own compression sack, with a stuff size around 8”x14”, taking up minimal space in your kit. Total weight of 3 lbs. isn’t horrible either, personally.

(The sizes and weight I described are rated for their “regular” (6’) size but, for the taller (6’ 6”) adventurer, it does come in a “long” with minimal differences in measurement and weight)

Overall, like much of my Kelty products, I have been very happy with this affordable mummy bag.

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