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Although the Kelty Noah's Tarp won't shelter two of each animal in the forest, it's certainly spacious enough to shade a couple of weary hikers from the mid-day sun and offer protection from unexpected rain showers. Whether you stretch it between two trees in an alpine meadow or utilize a couple of extended trekking poles in a sparse desert landscape, the Noah's Tarp provides versatile sun and weather protection you can count on.


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Noah 16’

I originally bought this tarp for hammock camping, which it works great for. But recently I have started using it to make what I call a “yaktent” when car camping. I have kayak racks on the bed of the truck and drape this over the kayaks creating a truck bed tent. It does great in the rain/wind and helps a lot on the cold nights keeping heat in.

This tarp is great for use as a rain fly over a tent as extra protection. Depending on the size of your tent it can pretty well cover the whole thing. This is helpful when it’s raining and windy.

Easy to use and packs well this tarp has coming in handy so many times. I’m a mom out three little people and we’ve been able to make shade almost anywhere we’ve needed it. We bought this for a trip to Joshua Tree national park but have used it camping, by the river, and on the beach. It’s a must have.

This tarp has saved me so many times from rain and sun. With bad weather it gives you great shelter above a table or tent, and in hot sun everyone hides underneath it. We have the 12 foot and it covers what we need without being clunky.

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