Targhee Lace Boot High Waterproof Boot

Keen Targhee Lace Boot High Waterproof Boot Reviews

Some people trudge through snow at work, some people trudge through snow to get to work, and others trudge through snow doing work for their kids (of the snowman variety). No matter what your day-to-day life is like, you're not likely to get through the winter without some trudging, and with the warm and rugged Keen Targhee Lace Boot High Waterproof Boot you'll be able to take on all the trudging winter can throw at you. It's outfitted with a classic leather upper for long-lasting durability, and features a waterproof membrane to keep mounting snow from soaking through to your socks. KeenWarm insulation gives you a lightweight layer of insulation that'll keep your feet toasty and warm through even the coldest winter weather, and a lugged rubber outsole gives you dependable grip and traction on slippery winter surfaces. The leather upper is also salt-resistant, so your boot won't lose its timeless good looks the first time a plow truck rolls by, ensuring that this boot is ready to be your everyday go-to in the winter.

Product Reviews

I wanted waterproof boots for Washington hiking so I decided for this style of Keens. They are sturdy, they have nice grippy soles and feel and look nice on trail. Mine had taken some beating through the two years that i have had mine, but other than little color fading they still look like new.
I have to admit i almost never treat my shoes, which I probably should to preserve the shoe longer (i might still have dried out mud from my last hike on them).
I never had issues with the laces coming undone on this particular boot (but it was an issue with other Keen shoes).
I don’t get any hot spots or rubbing from the shoe, and with the right sock for the season you are hiking in you will be as comfortable as one can be.
I wanted more ankle support because i get clumsy and twist my foot every now and then. Hence the boot style, as opposed to low cut hiking shoes.
These boots are not the lightest but they are comparable in weight to other hiking boots. But do be aware that the weight of your boots makes a difference on your stride. I hike in low cut shoes most of the year, but if i know there will be wet and rocky surface i opt for these. I love using these boots on rough terrain, such as lava fields at Mount St Helens or Hawaii because you don’t hurt your soles as easily as these boots are sturdy.
I haven’t had an issue yet with these.

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