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When you're goint to be far from civilization for extended periods, you can rely on the Hiker Pro Microfilter from Katadyn for safe, clean water. The Katadyn Hiker PRO comes with a removable filter protector to extend cartridge life in challenging conditions. Thanks to quick connect fittings the installation and removal of input and output hoses is easy! It also connects directly to hydration packs with 1/4 drink tubes (ie Camelbak). Includes: prefilter, bottle adapter, and carry bag. Filters up to 1150 liters/300 gallons. Weighs 11 oz.


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Product Questions

Andy H.  Andy H.: How long have you had this filter? I'm curious about how durable and long lasting it is. Have you had any issues with the pump breaking? I read a few reviews that mentioned the pump being flimsy and breaking easily, wondering if that's an isolated issue or if many people have experienced it.
Phil C.  Phil C.: Hey Andy! Well I’ve had mine for approaching 20 years. The cartridges last awhile as long as your wise about filtering. I often use a kitchen sink (self standing bladder) and fill that and wait for silt to settle if I don’t think the water is clean enough. I’ve had mine apart and lubed it many times and as long as your not creating a massive vacuum there’s no reason it should fail. Something critical we drinking water I wouldn’t be overly rough on it.
Ben C.  Ben C.: Hi Andy,

Like Phil, I've had mine for a very long time, in fact, I had the one is was based on when it was made by Pure. Same design, different name, same great results. I've never broken one, it is possible to if abused, but used as intended and it will last a long time. You do need to replace the cartridges after a while and the hoses too for that matter when they get to scuzzy to clean. Other than that, I love mine.

Hope this helps,

Sebastian W.  Sebastian W.: Hi Andy,

I recently received one of these filters for christmas a few years back, The included filter did not last me more than 2 uses. I'm convinced however, that it was due to my lack of proper care and storage of the filter between uses. I believe that others who have had problems with this filter breaking may have experienced the same type of problem I had. On the 3rd use the pumping of the filter became extremely hard and took while a long time to filter 3 liters of water compared to the first few uses. I have purchased a new filter and am taking proper care of it. I believe it will last me quite a while.
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Product Reviews

Great filter!

I've used this for a long time and if you're looking for a pump filter, this is a great one.

Time tested, zero problems!

I’ve used this and it’s predecessor from another company for over two decades now in multiple countries and have never had an issue. It’s simple, works with ALL bottles, bladder systems, pots, and thing that holds water. While I’ve used and like other filters, this is the one I trust 100%. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Water Filter

This water filter is great. It can pump and provide freshwater anywhere. It feels essential on backpacking trips. It’s easy to use. It takes awhile to pump the water but it will provide an unlimited amount that you can use for drinking or cooking. It is very important to clean after use otherwise it can mold or get clogged.

Pump it up!

I've been using the Katadyn Hiker Pro for 3 years now & it's amazing! Fairly light & compacts down in to a provided bag with cleaning supplies & extra pump pieces just in case. Easy to set up & take down. I even had the housing for the filter break this year & Katadyn made it easy to get a new replacement no hassle and for free!

I have had this product for a very long time. Owned two of them it was originally made by PUR. It is hands down the best water filter I’ve come across for use on the trail. I even take it kayaking if it is hot out so I’m not surrounded by water I can’t drink.

I love this filter! I have my water bladder rigged so I can plug this straight into my backpack and filter clean water right into my hydration vestibule without having to remove anything. Quick to use, easy to keep clean. I’ve had the same model for 3 years and it’s been great.

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