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With the befree filter, you no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from. Just fill up the 0.6L hydrapak flask and let the ez-clean membrane do the work. Gently squeeze the flask for instant treated water wherever you go. Maintain the ez-clean membrane quickly and easily for longer life and more enjoyment by simply fill the flask with water, attach the cover and shake free the debris. Or, remove the filter from the flask and swish in any lake, river or stream. And when you're ready to "hit the road," the collapsible flask packs small to fit into tight spaces (running or pants pockets, cycling jerseys, fly vests, purses, etc). just smash, stash and go! worry less and discover more with the befree water filter. Weight: 58G.


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Katadyn Collapsible Waterbottle

There have been a lot of times when I exhaustingly come across a stream of water and am so thankful to have these on me. Instead of whipping out a water filtration system & having to pump water into a bag, I can easily swoop up flowing water into the bag, twist the cap back on, & do a few shakes to get clean water on the go! It also saves a lot of space since you can easily roll it up into your backpack.

So convenient

I just took this on a four day backpacking trip and it worked great. Very light and easy to fill in streams and lakes. Others on the trail were envious and said they’d buy them. Downsides might be that when it’s half full it’s a little awkward to carry in a pocket because of its soft shell and I was nervous the pouch might break if I squeezed to hard but overall I’m more happy with it than my sawyer mini. I carried way less water in my pack and just drank every time we found water. Just fill and go!

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