9A Classic Rock Climbing Pants - Women's

Kaila's 9A Classic Rock Climbing Pants - Women's Reviews

*STRETCH FABRIC - 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex , breathable, quick-drying ,lightweight and durable material , designed to climb
*FULL RANGE OF MOTION - Belt with a comfortable elastic band , the articulated crotch and knees further increase flexibility and range of motion
*VERSATILITY - Chalk bag loop and brush holder ,pockets at both side

Product Reviews

Pretty sick pair of pants!

About $ 108.00
95% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Im not usually a fan of high waisted pants but these are perfect for sport climbing. They are so comfortable around my waist with my harness​ on. I didn't have any issue with the pants bunching up or getting pushed down with by my harness on.

The elasticity/material of the pants is on point! Im able to make a wide range of moves without having to worry about making any ajustments. The material itself is light enough that in the summer Arizona heat im not burning up. They Are also warm enough that I wasn't freezing while camping up north in Flagstaff during winter with no extra layers

I noted the material is also very quick drying. Ive had a fair share of having to walk though water to get to my crag and whether I get soaked or just a little water on the ankles they dry super fast

They are also just very well made. Ive had them for just over 2 years. These pants have been abused but there's no fraying or tearing, no loose threads besides the color getting a little dingy from use they are in perfect condition still

The only down side to the pants for me was the size. They fit really well, not to tight or loose. I do have really long legs though ,so they looked a little silly with the length just above my ankles. Being able to roll them up and keep them in place with the buttons was a definite plus. Rolling them up with that button kept them stylish and also helped with visibility of my foot placement while climbing.

My experiance:
I was gifted these pants from a fellow crusher who was testing them out. She wasn't a fan of the color at all or the fit.
Honestly speaking I wouldnt have these if they weren't a gift because they are a bit out of my price range. But the price definitly shows in the quality. These pants really are Made to climb!

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