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Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System Reviews

Instead of pulling the ol' banana peel slip and eating it on icy trails, strap on the Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System for instant footing and more graceful movement. Burly stainless steel cleats are connected by flex chains and an elastomer harness for a snug and secure fit and high performance traction.

With a new lower profile harness, eyelet reinforcements, and an integrated toe bale, these MICROspikes are the lightest and lowest profile version yet. A heel tab makes the system a breeze to get on or off, and a sturdy front bar holds it in place up front. Whether you're walking the dog, fishing on a frozen river, or doing that high-altitude hike to an icy peak, the MICROspikes help you keep your footing and prevent your butt from hitting the ground. And now the MICROspikes come with a tote sack so you have somewhere to store them when you get to lower elevations.


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Product Questions

Tim C.  Tim C.: Hey all! I'm looking for something to assist with jogging in snow and ice for the upcoming colder months. Are these exclusively for mountaineering and hiking, or can I use them on snow/ice covered flat surfaces and concrete? If not, do you have a recommendation for something to avoid crashing on the ice when running in the snow?? Thanks!
Tim M.  Tim M.: First of all, you have a great name. The best. I think these microspikes are specifically for winter hiking. The spikes on the bottom are large and better for gripping ice-covered boulders and things of that nature. Kahtoola also makes a similar product called nanospikes, which are much smaller spikes geared more towards running. I think that’s probably what you want. But get these for your winter hiking adventures. You won’t regret it!
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Product Reviews

You NEED these microspikes!

If you live anywhere where snow/ice is present - you need these!! The Kathoola MicroSpikes are the BEST. They’re super durable, offer great traction, and weigh virtually nothing!!! Living in Colorado, you never know what terrain you’ll run into, so I keep these in my hiking pack at all times.


Kahtoola MICROspikes are the best! I made the mistake years ago of purchasing a cheap brand of microspikes which didn’t even hold up to one hike. Afterward, I went to EMS and purchased a couple pairs of Kahtoola MICROspikes. My son and I have used these microspikes religiously over the last 6+ years hiking in the Adirondacks. They have truly been a “hikesaver”, and a must if you don’t want to get turned around on the trails during colder seasons. They have also worked well in providing traction climbing slides covered with thick slime. The Kahtoola MICROspikes are excellent for hiking on icy and slick surfaces and have been one of my 3 season hiking essentials.

Micro spikes

Don’t waste your time or money using other spikes. These are hands down the best for their price.

No slipping!

These are great! I've used them trekking up Mt St Helens & many other steep hikes covered in snow & ice. They fit well over almost any boot & the spikes grip really well on ice. Just remember to be gentle when walking over rocks or gravel. The company is also great when it comes to any issues. A friend had a pair break & they replaced them without any issues!

Best microspikes for year round hiking

These microspikes have made it so we can easily hike all year round. They are easy to use and are Felix me so they can fit lots of shoes. During the winter and early spring we carry these in our pack and can easily slip them on and off. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair.

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