Jetboil Cooking System

Jetboil Jetboil Cooking System Reviews

Delivering a high degree of cooking performance on backpacking and mountaineering journeys, this lightweight, low-profile stove gives you the essentials in one extremely compact package. Whether you.


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Love it

I love my Jetboil, I usually just use it to boil water fast while camping so I can make my coffee. They also make a coffee press that turns your Jetboil into a French press which is awesome and easy!

Reliable and efficient

I have carried this product on several hiking trips. One thru hike and multiple multi day trips. Currently on my second thruhike and it is yet to ever let me down. At the end of the day you can be exhausted and hungry. Jetboil boils water fast and efficiently every time with meals to eat in minutes. I am faithful and loyal to this product

Really like the design and ease of use of the JetBoil cooking systems. They have great versatility if you invest and get the pot, frying pan and the coffee press. The coffee press I think is my girlfriends favorite accessory but she won’t admit it! Love how all the components fit into the cup to save space in a pack or if your out kayak camping. Very easy to setup and use!

Best investment

I just bought this stove and it’s amazing! It is compact weighing only 12 oz . It easy to assemble. Boils water super fast! It took me less than 60 seconds at 2k elevation with minimal humidity! Best investment ever!

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