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ISLE Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

The ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the touring utility SUP made for the outdoor enthusiast. This board was designed with functionality, performance, and convenience in mind; A slightly wider template on our inflatable SUPs allows for a sturdy, tough and stable platform while the 6-inch thickness increases the volume to float more weight and additional gear. A three-fin setup is perfect for tracking and balance while the increased rocker cuts through flat water and handles chop. Equipped with nose and tail handles aiding in transporting fully loaded boards along riverbanks or shorelines plus front and rear bungee system when you’re looking to bring extra gear. In addition, this board has 6 touch points in the front and 4 in the rear for extra tie-down points with bungee cords for a cooler. Because this board is constructed with military grade outer skin, it is tough and durable when in contact with rocks, car roofs or any hard surface so you don’t have to worry about dings or scratches.


John Stephani

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Great for families!

We love this paddle board. Being inflatable, it’s super easy to throw in the back of the car and take wherever. Pumping it up is part of the fun when you have kids. And the softness of it makes it really forgiving when the water battles begin. The price point was good for a quality product. Get one!

Folds Down

We go to the lake a few times each summer and wanted to be able to paddleboard but also wanted something that was inflatable for space saving. This product met all of our standards.

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